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NCAA Compliance and Infractions

As the NCAA rules and their enforcement continue to change, the responsibility of a university to educate and monitor its student-athletes, staff, campus and constituents grows. “Institutional control” is the goal of every university. The CSS team, with years of compliance expertise and on-campus experience, will evaluate, analyze and make recommendations to institutions and conferences relative to their compliance programs. Our in-depth reviews will ensure that effective processes and procedures, as well as the latest in best practices, are in place.

When a university faces a crisis or investigation, our team will assist throughout the process, from the conduct of the investigation to representation at hearings, working side by side with the University. In addition, we provide often-needed counsel relative to the external university presentation and image throughout the process.

NCAA Reclassification

Many institutions today are considering advancement to the NCAA, or to a higher division within the NCAA. Many others are contemplating moves to other conferences. Such changes require thorough analysis and informed decision-making. CSS assists in evaluating the potential revenues, costs, benefits and risks, and aids the institution in developing and implementing strategies and plans to ensure that the reclassification process is followed as prescribed and in a timely fashion.

Title IX and Gender Equity

Universities today must be even more vigilant with Title IX and gender equity, as it remains the law of the land. Our CSS team conducts Title IX/Equity reviews, with evaluation, analysis and recommendations, and assists with implementation of equity plans that adhere to the standards established by federal law, the NCAA, and the universities themselves.

Other Legal Services

CSS is led by attorney Jeff Schemmel, and its consultants include other attorneys with experience in college athletics. We provide counsel in many areas, including coach and administrator contracts, contract negotiations, employment, conference realignment, and others.

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