Tedi Ellison

Former Director of Compliance, Texas A & M University

Tedi Ellison has been one of the most respected compliance and academic professionals in major college athletics.

Ellison served as the director of athletic compliance at Texas A&M University for 10 years.  During her tenure, she was on the NCAA’s Legislative Review and Interpretations Committee and the Academics, Eligibility and Compliance Cabinet.  Her responsibilities included presenting information to members of the NCAA’s Penalty Structure Committee as they were studying the impact of penalties on Division I schools.  Ellison is one of the few individuals who have been invited by the chairman of the NCAA Committee on Infractions to discuss concerns about the infractions review process with members of that committee.  

Prior to her work as director of athletic compliance, Ellison led the Women’s Athletic Academic Counseling program at Texas A&M.

She is a graduate of the University of Nebraska holding bachelor’s and master’s degrees.  Her internship was completed under the guidance of the legendary Ursula Walsh in the football athletic counseling program at the University of Nebraska.

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